Ramadhan is the month to make those life transforming changes that we need in our lives. Ramadhan is there to transform us with lasting effects. The reality is that we often pass through Ramadhan only gaining short lived benefits. Whether it’s renewing our connection with the Quran, our salah or our eating habits, a true commitment to Ramadhan can take us to greater heights and can instil in us the seeds of success, the fruits of which we reap throughout the year. Just like vaccines may offer protection against viruses, Ramadhan can offer a broader protection keeping us safe from the spiritual viruses and diseases that imperil our iman.   How can we observe this Ramadan with more passion and mindfulness and make it’s blessings last a lifetime ? Join us for The Ramadan Series 2021 and benefit from three inspiring and meaningful programmes.

Divine Directions

The Qur’an was sent as a healing for our minds, body and heart and in order for this healing to take place we must connect with the Quran beyond mere recitation and translation.

Divine Directions is a series of Quranic contemplations designed to bring you closer to the Quran and the Quran closer to you. Often we are left to our own efforts in understanding the Quran. Although this can be rewarding, we may find it challenging to fully appreciate and grasp the deeper meaning of the Quran due to language and an absence of a mentor. This course will further strengthen your study of the Quran through a structured understanding of the Quran.
This course will be an enlightening journey into the cohesive messages, core values, and themes of the Quran. It seeks to connect the surahs and verses together to give you a holistic view of the Quran.

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The Book of Fasting – Ihya Ulum Uddin

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Recite & Reflect