Teacher Profiles

Shaykh Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim

Shaykh  Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim memorised the Quran at the age of 14 at Darul Ulum in Bolton (UK) and his preliminary Islamic studies were under the tutelage of his father, Maulana Ikhlas al-Rahman. After completing his A- levels, Shaykh Fahim continued his studies and gained a Diploma in Arabic Language, moving on to study Shariah at the Institut Européen des Sciences (France).

He graduated from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in the Faculty of Shariah (Egypt) with a BA (Hons) degree in Islamic Jurisprudence. He has also gained ijazah (classical certification) in several Qirat, including Hafs, Warsh and Hamzah. Shaykh Fahim has a great passion for studying and teaching Quranic subjects with a special focus on the eloquence of the Quranic language and Quranic exegesis.

Ustadh Nasar Ishfaq

Ustadh Nasar is a chartered Architect by profession, having undertaken his Islamic studies under various scholars, including:

Ustadh Kifayatullah, Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah (Fiqh and Adab), Shaykh Kehlan al-Jubury (Tafsir, Ulum al-Tafsir, Aqidah, Fiqh, Hadith and Adab), Shaykh Anis (Tafsir and Fiqh), Shaykh Abu Islam (Arabic) and Shaykh Awadallah Yusuf (Tajwid), and Shaykh Akram Nadwi (Fiqh, Sirah and Tafsir).

Ustadh Baha

Ustadh Baha graduated from the department of usool- Ad-deen in Jordan and moved on to receive an MEd at the University of Manchester. He also has PGCE from Bolton university and HRM degree from MMU.

With his wide set of skills, he has examined students for both Edexcel and international students at Cambridge University. Furthermore, he is a Tajweed teacher and has 18 years of experience as an Arabic teacher for non-Arabic speakers.

Ustadh Baha works as a manager for the Omar Ben Khattab masjid in Longsight.

Ustadh Abid Khan

Ustadh Abid Khan graduated in law at MMU, he has a PGCE and was a lecturer in Busness and Law at Sixth Form College.

Ustadh Abid Khan is currently pursuing his BA in Islamic Studies at Al Azhar University Cairo and has completed his third year. He is also undertaking an MA in Islamic Education at the Markfield Institute for Higher Education.

Ustadha Rumaysa

Ustadha Rumaysa has studied the Islamic Sciences at traditional Islamic seminaries under a range of scholars including Shaykh Akram Nadwi amongst others.

She has been teaching fiqh, usool hadith, tafseer and hadith for a number of years. She also has a degree in Biochemistry and has taught Science (A levels) for a number of years.

She has additionally completed her Masters in Islamic Education and works on the development of Islamic curriculums.

Sheikh Bilal

Ustadh Bilal Brown accepted Islam in 1999 and went to study Arabic in the Arab world in 2004 where he became fluent within 6 months. He graduated from 4-year intensive course in Shari’ah studies at the Al-Dawli Institute of Arabic and Islamic Sciences in Damascus in 2012 in addition to studying privately with scholars in Damascus. He then furthered his studies in the Shafi’i jurisprudence, Arabic grammar and self-rectification. He has studied and taught several texts in the Hanafi and Shafi’i schools of law and marriage and divorce law in the Maliki School.

He also has 2 years of experience tackling alcohol and drug addiction as well as several further years of experience working with and teaching young people. He also has certificates in childcare, IT, social science, and counselling. He currently teaches Arabic and Islamic sciences in Oldham, Rochdale, Manchester, and online in England in the UK as well as conducting chaplaincy, translation, and community work.

Ustadh Yeamin

Ustadh Yeamin completed his undergraduate degree from University of West London in Computing in 2010.

He took a keen interest in learning Arabic thereafter and has been studying with Sheikh Wael al-Badawi for a number of years as well as completing first year of Arabic Diploma with Sheikh Akram Nadwi.

Thereafter he went to Jordan to further his study and currently serves as the principal of the EIC Evening School.

Sheikh Mirazam

Shiekh Mirazam had the privilege of completing the memorisation of the entire Quran at Bury Darul uloom in 1995. He continued his studies at a traditional seminary, Darul-uloom Nottingham where he pursued his studies in the traditional Islamic sciences and also learnt to recite the Quran more proficiently.

Shiekh Mirazam, had the opportunity to study abroad to further his interests in the Arabic language whereby he studied at Damascus university, Syria. With his insatiable desire to learn he continued his learning and attained a diploma in Arabic & islamic studies at European institute of Human Sciences, Lampeter, Wales.

As a lifelong student Sh Mirazam had the privilege of studying Alimiyyah licence at Al-salam institute London with Sheikh Akram Nadwi 2012 to 2016.

He had the benefit of studying at the hands of notable scholars such as sheikh Abdullah, Al-Judai, and completed his post graduate Imams Development course at the EIIS.

Shiekh Mirazam currently serves as the Imam and khateeb at Neeli masjid in Rochdale, as well as pursuing his career in education and teaching at Markfield.

Sheikh Abu Sondes

Sheikh Abu Sondes was born in the city of Misrata, Libya. He left Libya with his family in 1982 to live in Toronto, Canada and then moved to Glasgow in 1983. They resided there for nine years. Whilst in Scotland, he gained his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University. He also pursued extensive studies in Islam with different organisations.

Sheikh Abu Sondes relocated to Manchester in 1992.  He has lived in Manchester for almost 27 years and continues to reside here. During this time, he obtained his Diploma in Counselling from North Trafford College, Manchester. Sheikh Abu Sondes has been instrumental in his local community of Manchester and has been a key figure in giving Khutbah at Manchester Youth Foundation (MYF) along with being an operational member for a number of years.

He coordinates & facilitates the Tasfeer classes that take place on Tuesday, along with the Seerah Circle at MYF. He also teaches Tasfeer, Fiqh & Seerah at the European Institute of Islamic Sciences.

Furthermore, Sheikh Abu Sondes is one of the founders of the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) and of Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) along with being the Executive Director of the Muslim Student Society (MSS). Other former roles included being the President and chairman of Libya watch with the Human Rights Organisation since 1999.

To this current date, he is the acting Imam of MYF and is the trustee of the MYF Chairman of Board of Trustees for we are for Africa (WAFA).

Ustadh Hamza

Ustadh Hamza has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and is a graduate of AlKauthar’s 5 year Students Guild Programme in Islamic Studies. Ustadh Hamza is currently furthering his studies at Sheikh Akram Nadwi’s Al Salam Institute in London, and takes a keen interest in Arabic and Quranic studies.

Ustadh Shuaib

Ustadh Shuaib started his journey by memorising the holy Quran at Darul-Uloom in Bury. He then did one year of the Alimiyyah programme, but decided to study the Arabic language at IESH in Chateau Chinon, France which took 2 years. He also studied Islamic jurisprudence there and is currently pursuing a BSc in psychology with the Open University, while teaching at a couple of institutes, including EIIS.

Guest Lecturers

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