Studying at EIIS

Studying at EIIS

At the EIIS, we hope to give students a holistic learning experience of both in-classroom and out of classroom study. Classes are in lecture format, with scope for discussion, questions and classroom based activities. Students on each course are given a recommended reading list that has been tailored to their level of study. Students are advised to read and discuss the books suggested as this aims to supplement their study in the class.

Engagement outside the class includes a range of programmes and extra curricular activities such as halaqas, majlis, external speakers and trips. Details are outlined below.

The Majlis

The Majlis is a monthly assembly which takes place on Saturdays and provides an opportunity for students to have a voice and share their learning and perspectives with each other on a provided platform.  Guest speakers and scholars are also invited to deliver to enrich students learning.

Qiyamul Layl

All students are highly encouraged to participate in a monthly Qiyam ul Layl programme where a reading of Adhkars and Duas is collectively done followed by recitation of Qur’an and Nafl prayers. We believe that this practice constitutes the spiritual backbone of the Institute.


A weekly halaqah for brothers and sisters on Fridays and Sundays evenings takes place where students outreach and work with peers from other courses to discuss and diagnose a range of topics.



Tutorials are one to one sessions which students  arrange with class teachers in order to track their learning progression.

International speakers and guest scholars

Students are able to benefit from internationally renowned  guest scholars and speakers who are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

Student Newsletter

At the EIIS, students are kept updated with news and events through regular newsletters which are sent out by email on a monthly basis. Students may also wish to share information or develop their own initiatives or clubs. The details of new initiatives may also be shared in the newsletter provided they have been approved by the admin team.

Al-Asr Journal

The Al-Asr Journal is a student led initiative that provides a platform for students to research and publish a written piece. The student community are involved in collected, writing and editing the pieces, which are then disseminated to the local and wider communities.

End of term socials

At the end of each term the student body organises an end of term social activity which more often thank not involves food!