The Story of Isa son of Mariam (as)

Presented by
Imam Abid Khan & Sheikh Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim

Nasheeds by Kamal Uddin

Friday 24th December 2021 @ 6:00pm
Venue: Werneth Suite 79 Manchester Rd Oldham OL8 4LN

The miracle birth of Isa (as) is a historic event. One which serves as a timeless reminder and a powerful point of reflection.

In a time where mankind was lost in the abyss of misguidance deviating from the teachings of Musa (as) the birth of Maryam and Isa (as) brought about a new beginning and a new horizon.

Maryam (as) is deemed to be among the most devout and elite servants of Allah. Maryam’s absolute dedication to Allah is remarkable so much so that we are told that she has been the chosen one among all the women in the universe.

Maryam (as) hailed from a noble household and was then taken care of by the Prophet Zakariyyah (as). Her conviction in Allah was so strong that it served as a reminder to Zakariyyah (as) reminding him of Allah’s power to provide him with a child at old age.

Join us to celebrate and learn from one of the most touching stories in the Quran narrated to you in a captivating way.

An event for the whole family! including a special parallel program to keep the little ones engaged and entertained comprising of storytelling, animal show, nasheed’s and more..oh and did we forget to mention that Food is included in the price! (food choice selection available at the checkout)

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This event is brought to you in collaboration with the European Institute of Islamic Sciences along with Cheadle Muslim Association, Khizra Mosque (Manchester), Madina Masjid (Rochdale) and UKIM Youth