Sponsor a Student

“Your assistance, goodwill and generosity, will help to realise this objective and facilitate the training and education of aspiring students of knowledge.”


Through your help, EIIS will be offering scholarships to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue the path of sacred knowledge. Please consider sponsoring a student.

Full Islamic Scholarship programme £7200

With your donation of £7,200 you will enable a student* to attend the entire ‘Alimiyyah Programme from the first enrolment to the final graduation. Every lecture, workshop, tutorial and seminar over the course of six years will be encompassed.


One year Sponsorship – £1200 Al Shifa or Candlelight

Your donation of £1,200 will enable a student to access the Institute and complete one whole programme of study; the level 1 of Al Shifa or Candlelight. Students who complete the year and attain satisfactory results in the end of year exams will be awarded the joint qualification in Classical Arabic & Islamic Sciences. The strong basis in Islamic scholarship that is achieved in the first year can keep an attendee firm upon the religion for the duration of their entire life – may Allah have Mercy on you and reward you immensely.


Partial contribution

By setting up a regular donation amount of £15 per month, you will be able to facilitate the training of a student who has managed to partially fund their tuition fee. This is one of the most remarkable contribution options. By combining your support with another sympathetic party’s, the financial barrier that can all too often halt a student in their pursuit of Islamic knowledge will be removed completely.

*The name of your donee may not be provided in cases where the student has opted to remain anonymous.

Set up a standing order to:

Account Name: UKIM EIC Education

Account No: 51100800

Sort code: 01-06-39