Course Details:

A transformative 5 hour workshop (1 hour of breaks) , teaching you the most effective ways of making your Salah more meaningful.

The workshop will be a step by step guide taking you through the deeper meaning and  significance of each element of salah,

Learn how to improve focus in salah, relate to its meaning and strengthen your connection with Allah through the most essential form of worship, salah.

The sessions are outlined as following

Session1: The importance of Khushu’ and increasing ajar in Salah 

 15 min break

 Session 2: How to increase khushu’ and practices in improving focus

 30 min break

 Session 3: Avoiding distractions and attaining Khushu’ in Salah

 15 min break

 Session 4: Improving Salah is they key to improving our Deen

 Session 5: Reflection and Q&A