Candlelight Arabic Year 1


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Course Description

The Candlelight Arabic course is a programme with an intensive study of classical Arabic language designed to enable students to build the skills needed to understand the Quran as well as read and translate classical Islamic texts. In addition the programme helps students acquire basic communication skills through Modern Standard Arabic so that students are well acquainted with the contemporary usage of the Arabic Language.

Modules of study include Grammar (Nahw and Sarf), Comprehension, Communication and Contemplation. The course has classes that run on two weekday evenings and Saturday mornings to accommodate for students, working professionals and others.

Course Objectives

In order for the course to meet these objectives effectively, the Arabic programme has been carefully designed and tailored with sufficient time allocated to each area of study including speaking and writing. We hope this will expose students to a holistic study of the Arabic language.

  • To Understand the Quran
  • To read a range of Arabic texts independently
  • Develop listening and speaking skills
  • Building a strong foundation to progress onto Year 2



Students on the Candlelight course are formally assessed twice a year during the biannual assessment weeks. For the Sarf & Nahw, Contemplation and Comprehension modules, exams will be in written format. The Conversation module will be assessed orally. Students may speak to class teachers for information on specific details regarding the exam format for each subject.

As the course is condensed, students are recommended to revise their class notes on a weekly basis. Students may additionally be given tasks or projects by respective teachers to be carried out throughout the year. Outside of class, students are recommended to spend a minimum of 4-5 hours of study time per week. Students are given a recommended reading list that has been tailored to their program of study.


Start date: Monday 11th October 2021

Class Day(s):  Monday evening, Thursday evening, Saturday morning.

Class Timings:

Monday & Thursday 7.00pm-9.00pm

Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm


“Candlelight Arabic not only teaches you the Quran but also equips you with the necessary skills to understand something from every chapter, page and line from the Quran. The programme is a must for anyone who seriously and sincerely wants to strengthen their relationship with the Quran” –

Noreen Akhtar, Candlelight Student