Long term courses:



Single Payment

(with 10% discount)

Instalment Plan

Payable in 3 payments.

Al-Itqaan (level 0-3)£180 (162)£60
ILM Essentials£450 (405)£150
Candlelight£1260 (1134)£420
Al-Shifa£1350 (1215)£450
IW4TEENS£339 (305)£113

Short term courses:

Please see the individual course pages for short term course fees.

Retaking a course

If you are interested in retaking a course or repeating a year of study, please get in touch with us about the course fees.



Single-instalment plan

This is a one-off payment of the course fees covering the entire duration of the course. Students who pay in single payments are eligible for a 10% discount on long term courses if fees are paid before the course start date. Please use the code “discount10” at the checkout. Please note this offer can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts.

Three-instalment plan

This payment plan only applies to students enrolled on long term course at the institute. Students who cannot afford to pay their fees in a single instalment can opt to pay their fees in three instalments as follows:

Candlelight Arabic & Al Shifa courses: Students can pay 3 instalments over 3 consecutive months.

All other long term courses: Students pay 3 instalments over the year at the beginning of each term.

First Payment

The first instalment payment is due before the academic year/ term one commences for all courses.

Second Payment

The second instalment for Candlelight and Al Shifa courses are due at the beginning of Month two and for all other courses this will be due by 3rd January 2020 (before term two commences).

Final Payment

The final instalment for Candlelight and Al Shifa course are due at the beginning of Month 3 and for all other courses this will be due by 4th April 2020 (before term three commences).

Further information

The fees become due in full upon enrolment and approval of a payment plan. By enrolling on to a course at the EIIS, you agree to pay the course fees in full regardless of attendance or failure to complete the programme.

In the event that the instalment due date has passed and we haven’t received a payment, we’ll class this as a late payment and you will receive a late payment message. However, it is your responsibility to ensure all instalments on the payment plan are paid on time or before the agreed due date(s). Please note tuition fees are not based on weekly or termly attendance and once a student has enrolled their class provision is arranged for the entire year.

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