Tazkiyah – Purification of the soul (Closed)

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Tazkiyah – Purification of the soul

As 21st century muslims, the path to correcting our souls is only more faded and harder to see thanks to the internet, depression, existential crises and problems beyond comprehension. This programme is but a window into the spiritual tradition, and it hopes to somewhat reframe the individual’s perception of reality and give them a sense of inner peace.
• Do you feel connected to Allah in prayer?
• Is your heart at ease with the daily struggle?
• Are there characteristics you would like to replace with better ones?
Many of those internal questions exist within people and they need a nudge to come out. We hope to remove some of those barriers with the help of Allah.

Course Features

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  • To become familiarised with Islamic spirituality in a post-modern world. 1

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  • To understand the various elements that make up Tazkiyah. 0

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  • To analyse where each quality might fit into the learner's life 0

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Start Date: Saturday 1st February 2020

Class Times: 10.30am - 12.00 pm

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