Al Itqaan Tajweed Level 2

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Course Description

This level is for students who have completed al-Itqaan Level 1 or have a background in the theory of tajweed and want to further improve their recitation and gain a deeper application of the rules of Tajweed in order to add beauty to their recitation. The course covers the characteristics of the letters (Sifaat al Hurūf) and other exceptional tajweed rules. At this level, students will be expected to be able to recite selected suwar and have memorised the last half of juz 30.

Course Objectives

This course builds on from Level 1 and focuses on developing students’ ability to recite a greater number of surahs with tajweed as well as develop greater fluency in reading the Qur’an. Students will be introduced to Sifat al Huroof (characteristics and qualities of the letters) and memorise and practice the last 20 surahs


Students on the al-Itqaan course are assessed in each lesson informally, and are assessed formally twice a year during the biannual assessment weeks. Winter assessments will consist of oral examinations only. End of year summer assessment will consist of oral and written examination.

As the course is condensed, students are recommended to revise their class notes and Quran memorisation on a weekly basis. Outside of class, students are recommended to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours of revision time weekly. Students may speak to class teachers for information on specific details regarding the exam format for each subject.

“MashaaAllah the course has really improved my recitation of the Quraan. The teachers are very patient and the EIIS organisation in general is an exceptional environment for learning and developing Islamic studies.” –

Sister Shamimay, Al Itqaan Level 2

Course Features

  • Lectures 8
  • Quizzes 0
  • Students 2
  • Assessments Yes

Start date: Wednesday 18th September 2019

Class Day(s): Wednesday evening

Class Timings: 8.00-9.15 pm



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Shaykh Hammad Ur Rahman Fahim memorised the Quran at the age of 14 at Darul Ulum in Bolton (UK) and his preliminary Islamic studies were under the tutelage of his father, Maulana Ikhlas al-Rahman. After completing his A- levels, Shaykh Fahim continued his studies and gained a Diploma in Arabic Language, moving on to study Shariah at the Institut Européen des Sciences (France). He graduated from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in the Faculty of Shariah (Egypt) with a BA (Hons) degree in Islamic Jurisprudence. He has also gained ijazah (classical certification) in several Qirat, including Hafs, Warsh and Hamzah. Shaykh Fahim has a great passion for studying and teaching Quranic subjects with a special focus on the eloquence of the Quranic language and Quranic exegesis. Currently teaches Arabic and the Quran at one of Britain\’s top private Islamic schools in Manchester.

This course builds on from Level 1 and focuses on developing students' ability to recite a greater number of surahs with tajweed as well as develop greater fluency in reading the Qur'an. Students will be introduced Sifat al Huroof (Characteristics and qualities of the letters) and Memorise and practice of last 20 surahs